Church History

We want YOU to know about US

Faith Fellowship Church began in 1976 with a group of believers from various denominational backgrounds.

Their only common denominator was a love for Jesus and for one another.  Their desire was to have a church that was based only on the Bible and not on the traditions of men, with Jesus Christ as the head of the church.

The church outgrew the house, and they built a building in 1980.

Through the years the church has continued to grow in Spirit and in number, adding a Fellowship Hall, increasing its number of missionaries,  adding various new ministries, and calling a full time Youth/Associate Pastor.

It has a blended music service, mixing old hymns and contemporary music.

There is an informal, warm atmosphere of worship, where the people feel confortable and loved.

From our small group Bible studies, Youth and Children's Ministries to our straight forward relevant preaching, their is something for everyone.